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Hey it's me!:)   Lmao my names Alayna.   Bye:P
:) :) :) :) :) :)

Quotes by Alaynakay

Date a runner, every other athlete is a player.
Got One Direction tickets!!!! 😍 😀
Girls are not a game.
You may play football, golf, track... and be cool, but playing girls isn't cool dude... sorry.
That moment when a song you hate just describes your life right now.

-We Are Never Getting Back Together
Just when I need you your not there!
That awkward moment when you find out you teachers favourite song..
And it's Amazing Grace
The other day someone put on Facebook that yoga pants should have a weight limit!
So I commented on it and was putting my honest opinion out there!
Which is people can wear what they want!
And some people I don't even know were telling me that they're gonna hit me with a car!
Wow.. the world these days!
Hey, did you hear I KILLED A CAT! :o
Yup, my Witty won't let me update my profile!
Someone please help!
That awkward moment when
you wish you had a d.ick!
Witty isn't a secret journal
So why don't you stop
putting what you think about others
on Witty!
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