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STATUS:  I'm Alex. And I am dancing around my house in a tutu because Aly offered me ten dollars. AHaha, biitch <3-Aly.c:

Hey, I'm Alex. I'm 16,  single, living in New York. I like to play basketball, hockey and listen to music. Bacnds that I like are Asking Alexandria, All Time Low, Parachute, A Day To Remember, Seether, Breaking Benjamin, Eminem, Drake, HInder, Luke Bryan and many more. I take my friendships with people really serious. If we're friends, I won't fuck you over. I love making people smile and witty makes me feel at home . =] I don't have the best home life, but really who does? My heart bealongs to her and that won't be changing. I'm not here to flirt/hook up, I'm here for the same reason you are. =p Oh and if you want me to follow you,  leave me a comment. :)

aly :) // shira :) //

Quotes by Alex_456

I don't want another pretty face.
I don't want just anyone to hold,
I don't want my love to go to waste,
I want you and your beautiful soul.

I don't get mad anymore

because I've learned to expect the lowest from people.

It's funny
how not even two months ago,
my heart would do backflips when I saw her.
Now it doesn't even skip a beat.

Hello Beautiful  C:

Meeting her was fate.

becoming her friend was my choice.

but falling for her?

my heart did all the work.

Hello? Future wife?

This is Alex, where are you?
I've been searching for awhile now.

fave this if...
your bored!! :D

you make me feel invinceable, girl.

I wanted to kiss her under the mistle toe,
but like always she stood me up.

your beautiful, and I'll always be here for you.
love Alex :)