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Alixx  Lessing
Hi im alex! im english - im NOT posh though, 15

b'day is November 23rd 

i love My Chemical Romance with a firey passion.
i like; MSI, The Used, Slipknot, FOB, BFMV, LM, 

Vegie :) 

Quotes by Alex_Lessing

Am i the only one
NOT stuck in the middle
of hurricane Irene?


when i was little i used to make forts out of pillows and blankets

Dude i do that now ... and im nearly 15 ... 


90's Kids Remember #4 ...

The Rugrats.

i fricken loved that show.

90's Kids Remember #3 ....

Denis the Menace.

&90's Kids Remember #2 ....

Art Attack.

90's Kids Remember #1 ...

Bear in the big blue House

am i on the only one 
who thinks the background to this format looks like the ministery of magic?


Dear witty girls,
really?! - your going to follow someone dude just because hes ... well ... a dude?
Sincerely, me and the other girls of witty

Its Gerard Ways 7 year anniversary of being sober from drugs and alcohol ,  congrates to him - keep up the good work

lead singer of MCR