Status: "Ya'll smoke to enjoy it, I smoke to die."
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Hey Babe.STATUS:  Asdfghjkl; Him <3Hey darling, My name is Alexis, I'm 16, Happily Single<3 I have three cats, Casper, Bear and Little man, and a husky named Kota.I have a strong love for music; Rock, screamo, Country, pop, rap, reggae. So yeah As you can see my variety is huge. I'm in love with food. Period. Tumblr, Twitter, Witty, Facebook are some of my life. Talk to me of you want to know more, I'm pretty friendly. So yeah.
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Quotes by AlexisCoral

Fun game to play at the movies: Not bringing your effing baby.
Here's to never growing up.

 It sure left it's mark on us
We sure left our mark on it,  
We let the world know we were here, 
With everything we did.
We laid a lot of memories down,
Like tattoo's on this town.


*Sleepover with the best friend*
Do you think cats have feelings?
Me: I'll give you one more chance to shut the f/ck up.

White people activities #7
 Hearing a weird noise and going into the direction of the sound to investigate.

White people activities #6
 Running upstairs when the killer is downstairs, instead of leaving the house

White people activities #5
 Thinking you are more related to black people because you listen to Macklemore and Mac Miller.

White people activities #4
Walking your kid on a leash

White people activities #3
 Driving in the "Hood" saying "We're going to get shot" every 20 seconds

White people activities #2
 Finding what colour sparkly uggs match their yoga pants and northface