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My names Alexis, Im sterotyped alot...You dont have to like me...Just give me a chance! So fare,  I havent had the perfect life, Its been hard and cruel...Like a stone whip against your exposed back, the icey coldness against you cheek as you trugde naked through the snow, gainging frost bite on your toes! Im a young girl, A lover of music (heavy metal, rock, ect) Sadly im not like other girls... Im English but my taste is in American Music such as: Green Day, Three Days Grace, black veil Brides and more...I prefer not to speak of experiences since most are not happy, I shall speak of those of which is happy... But i best save my breath! At school im not particularly Liked by the other fellow students, for i feel barely human in this hideous body of mine! I wish too be perfect, perfect hair, make up, skin, face, i wish too be beautiful...Like that will ever Happen! Im psycho, a leshed Beast wanting to be set free from the hideous World! I dont have many friends, i have one true Friend, Alicja, I would not be alive without
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Poems and Describitions and parts of
Starting with cold adolescents,
Ending with the Trojan war,
Hearts slashed and
burdens been given to the few. Heart not sliver Nor Gold, Hearts so cold Hearts bold. I walk through the hidden darkness, With little hope not to be seen, Heart pounding and lungs becoming gigantic. Death is just at the foot of my bed as I scream in agony, ‘LORD SAVE ME’ I cry out! No One To Save Me!
The hell (story):

# My whole body was shaking, The cold wind hit against my blue cheek. slowly I trudged through the snow looking into the great forest of snowy in front of my stone cold Green eyes!

Quotes by Alexisiscool

Is é mo dearcadh



Nasıl istersin?

(this is Turkish, Look up what I said on Google translate, You dont need google!)

when im 14 im going to do a

paper root, so i can get

more money to help with

collage and pocket money!


Confession #1

Im bi, and dont really want to be open with it because of hate i might get for it, yeah i know its weird, my parents dont know either!

Im really

Psycho!!!!! XD but

im happy, SO



Heya guys, i have to tel lsoemthing, im in love with someone whos 17, im only 13, and i love him, TRUELY! what do i do? Does age really matter? Dont judge, but im scared of pressure from young boys! What do i do?

Embarrassing moment #2:

when my EX friend dared me too pull down my bottoms and put my hand down my undies and rub down there (v) and watch and looked down there!

My embarrassing moment 1#

When a boy discovered i was bisexual, and made fun of me calling me "lesbo!" and telling everyone!

Hey guys!

Just uploaded a new profile pic OF my face, yes im ugly and hideous, but... What do you think? On a scale of one too 10? How ugly am I? Lol X you can thank Tori10176 for this, sorry too everyone who vomits!

Dear Victoria (Tori10176)

You are amazing and beautiful... This is my Story, to prove your not alone in what you went though...

Year/grade Rec/kindergarden (sorry im British): I was bullied and teased by everyone for the fact i cried alot

and had thantrums and was basiclly a psycopathic 4 year old! XD (Dont feel bad about Kinder Garden, I mean,

i was psycopathic and I was often thrown out the classroom, soooo...Dont feel bad)

Year/grade 1: Started to have to see a consilour, Yes at 5 years old i was visiting a consilour, for anger and

sh//t And i was still teased, i remmeber a boy perposely breaking my alice band and i was physcially hurt... i h

ad 2 friends thats it! Everyone else bullied me. I also played date with this boy, it was cute, i cry about it now...

Year/grade 2: I was no better, but I did try my hardest, and finally my no1. enemy left school, BUT, i was still

teased and told off my friend actually started to be cruel with me, so i had one friend, one real friend! Also my m

um kicked me out after a bad day off school when i said i didnt want to live there anymore, luckily she let me

back in! Well my godmother did!

Year/Grade 3: My consilour left, I was soo upset i cried for days, i needed her! I was still bad and bullied and


YEAR/GRADE4: I finally cleaned myself up and became a good kid, but i discovered the internet and was

addicted from the age of 8, yes EIGHT years old, and i was hooked! :( I became psyco and upset and angry

and 100% anti-social at that point! I finally made a few more friends! Luckily for me! But i was CRAZY, INSANE,

i was angry alot aswell,  I would cry for nothing sometimes! I joined Skype and stuff happened where a guy told

me too take off my clothes and got me too do THE MOST DISGUSTING THINGS EVER!

Year/grade 5: WORST YEAR EVER, i became suicidal, i gained anixety, anti social behavious, depression and

sh//t like that, I would often talk to myself, and laugh by myself (No IM MENTALLY STABLE, Okay maybe not)

I was alsolubtely crazy, i would play alone and just be by myself! I was bullied no stop! No one cared about me!

Also i almost killed someone, but dont mind about that, IT WAS NOTHING I SWEAR! I had too see a consilour

but then stopped at the started of year 6! I also had to see a therapist about stuff I wont talk about! Me and my

friend played truth or dare, and well it got s/xual and i was hurt badly by my traitorous friend who told the one

person I was in love with, my friend Alicja (im bisexual) i didnt want her to know!

Year /grade 6: first 6 months were PERFECT, then hal way though the year, my teacher started been

extremely cruel to me and horrible, literally HORRIBLE, so naturally i turned back into a bad kid! Also I was

hideous and gained weight and also got extremely pale and started cutting again, then I had to see a consilour! I
WOULD WRITE ALOT and became angry, depressed, upset, suicidal and worried, i talked to myself and would

have s//xual nightmares!

Year/Grade 7: I still have too see my consilour but things are getting better i still have cuts, im doing well but im

still alone and paranoid and angry and betrayed by friends, scarred with the memories and  bruised with hell

and torture of memories and i have a lot of flash backs!

NOW (year/grade 8): Im happy but still scared and paranoid and im still homicidal and suicidal, i dont feel

loved, but Now i've stopped cutting, i cut if im depressed! Im happy now that ihave witty, and your quotes have

made me feel good about myself, made me feel happy! and smiling! YOUR QUOTES HELP PEOPLE, YOU

ARE BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING, words cant say how amazing you are, your are amazing, not like me, you

will do better then those haters, your a strong person too live through this , you ARE LOVED AND SPECIAL

AND AMAZING, Im sorry such cr/p happened to a wonderful girl like you! :) Your amazing, keep smiling girl.. im

here for you!



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