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The names Shianne(: I'm 14 years youngg and I'm just your average teenage girl. I'm really easy to talk to, so if you ever need someone to talk to or just feel like talking, I'm here ! I've been a wittian for almost two years now and I love it(: My very best friend is my sister<3 I love her to pieces and I can always count on her. She's helped me through everything I've been through. And now it's my turn to help her because she's pregnant(: <3 She is my only friend that I can absolutely trust with everything, and I know she won't tell or leave me<3 My family and friends are everything to me !<3 I wouldn't be where I am today if I didn't have them by my side(: If you wanna know more, then just ask(:

She lives in a fairytale
somewhere too far for us to find♥

AllAboutHim's Favorite Quotes

Me at 7 am: tired
Me at 12 pm: tired
Me at 3 pm: tired
Me at 7 pm: tired
Me at 10 pm: *yawn* tired

This quote does not exist.
 It gets more and more difficult
day by day..

Wanting a boy
to give you a piggy-back ride

but you're afraid
you're too heavy.

I was at McDonald's when I saw some chuby chick making fun of a disabled kid 

you know it's not right to make fun of somone for that it could happen to any of us
Girl: God gave me a mouth to Speek and I'm  going  to use it 
me: well god gave you a mouth to eat too,but looks like you have abused that privilege.

Girl: -speechless-
Me: oh and you might want to wipe that katchup off your chin
Girl: -goes to wipe chin-

Me: no,your other chin




If you live life without giving an "f",
then you're living a

This quote does not exist.

My parents think I’m the only one who spends all day on the internet.
Little does she know, all of you exist.

I keep saying, "Single Pringle,"

But pringles aren't single at all. They're constantly spooning. Slutty crisps.