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 Damned if you do, damned if you dont
  Im Livy
Moving forwards but getting nowhere



Quotes by Livy*

What a lovely winter we're having
 this spring.

I hate school

 It's stressful and you have to wear pants

I'm not a morning person

 or a night person.
I don't even think I am a person.


Detailed list of people who asked for your opinion

 __________   ____________    _____________ 
___________   ___________  ___________   _________
__________    ___________   __________


Are you a traffic sign?

 because stop.

Daaaayummmmm Gurl!

 Are you a fire dector?
Because you're really loud and annoying.


If you put #pretty on your selfies,

 I'm going to judge you.


I bet when cheetahs race

 and one of them cheats, the other goes,
"Man, you are such a cheetah!"
and they laugh and eat a zebra or whatever.


Boobytrap backwards is

Carry on.