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I'm leaving, sorry :(

Quotes by AllRomantics

When everyone's like "Happy Thanksgiving"
and I'm just like ... 
"Wasn't Thanksgiving on October 13th?"
Canadians, though
When you go through someone's quotes and literally favourite all of them ...

Are you made out of copper and tellurium?
'Cause you are

I hate when people ask you,

 NO, does it LOOK like I'm okay?
If I offered you 20$, would you take it?

How about if I crumpled it?

Stepped on it?

You would probably take it even if it was
crumpled and stepped on. Do you know why?

'Cause it's still 20$ and its worth hasn't changed.

The same thing goes for you; if you have a bad day,
or if something bad happens to you, you are not worthless.

If someone crumples you up or steps on you, your worth does
not change. You were just as valuable as you were before.

So stop hurting yourself because you are still so much.


Not originally by me.