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ok, so heres the story... this boy Anthony asked me out on fb like a month ago an we kept breaking up bc i cheated like 2 times an then he dumped me for my best friend (which we hate each other now) and today he came over an dumped her by text! but while he was dating her he would txt me behind her back saying he loves me an wants me! so now he asked me out right after he dumped her and i said yes!!!! ik u may think i made a stupid decision but i love him!!!!!!!!!!!! im jus scared he's gonna be texting her the same things an then take her back!!!!!!!!!! i wanna tell him but im scared on what he will say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! witty girls plzz help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This house feels so cold

theses halls feel so empty

this bed feels so lonley

And my heart... doesnt feel a thing, it's to




-Sincerly, The girl you once




We just had a fight and i know he hates me! i called him and he said " i'll talk to you later" .....i doubt he'll want to talk to me.

Anthony, you know i love you, and i'm soo not over you. Just tell me you feel it too, like nothing has changed, tell me you want to be with me, tell me you still love me, tell me you can never get over me, just tell me! Because if you don't feel that way then tell me and i'll try my best to get over you!

Fantasizing just isnt the same or as fun as the real thing


I'm not your Xbox 360 so quit playing me



I'm not your Xbox 360 so quit playing me


There is so much more i have to say, even

though you dont care anymore.i know you

lied about not loving her and loving me. It

worked an all, but i'd rather have the truth

than a big fat lie! You dont even understand

how much I care about you or love you,

maybe your just to blind to see!

Those early morning texts make my day a

whole lot better

i cant
i cant believe you left me for my

best friend, i guess she was not a

real true friend to do that to me! I'll

let you know right now, she will

never compare to me!