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Quotes by Allialovesyouu

It's funny how tears can be drippin down my face && know one notices,.  where is everone.? it is amazing how when i need someone there all gone,.  I just wish someone would take the time to realize all the pain behind these eyes,.<3 

Dear witty,
Your the only thing that makes me happy any more,everyone seems to keep leaving me && I just hope you dont leave me;D but i have you now so i am going to make the best of itt, you make everything better, I dont know where i would be with out youu,& thanks,.  <3
Your truly Alllialoveswitty <3, 
Dear himmm <3, 
 Thanks for the bullshit ,The lies, the heartbreak && i though you acually liked me, I guess i was wrong .
&& He liikees teen wolff,. Hes perfect ,. <3

I am done. withh your bullshitt .with your lies. withh your drama. your everything . <3

Sometimes i feel like giving up on you and then i see youu <3
I have allready fallen for youu and i cant get up i am just waiting for youu to pick me up. cant youu see .? </3

I think i miss youu but then i realize,  i really miss the ideal not youu and yourr bullshiitt. </3