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It's My Birthday Today,
I Turned Fifteen.(:

i have died everyday
waiting for you,
darling dont be afraid,
i have loved you for a thousand years,
i love you for a thousand more.
-Christina Perri ♥




A Friend Of Mine Told Me This At School Today :


" It's Good That You Always Smile " (:


But She Still Doesn't Know It's A Fake Smile.




Take It If You Want It.





The greatest Treasures,

Are those invisible to the eye but

felt by the heart.




My format / nmq.




I Wanna Be The Girl

He Gives His Hoddies To Wear

&& Cuddles Up Next To Him When It's Cold,

He'll Be The One Who Comes Up Behind Me,

Wraps His Arms Around My Waist,

Catches Me Off Guard && Whispers,

You Look Beautiful.


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His Smile.




You tell me i've changed, but that's not such a bad thing, If I never changed, then my life would never go anywhere. If you can't handle my change, then you can't handle the fact that my life is going somewhere, and yours isn't. And I don't need people in my life who want my life not to go anywhere; I need people in my life who will be happy for me to progress.


This is your life, your choices, and no one can tell you what to do or who to love.Sure, it's tough. But in the end, the people who stick around are the ones worth it all. People our age. we don't know what we're going to do with our lives or who we're going to be with or how long we'll have the friends we've made, but we do know, or at least most of us do, who we are. You can't change who you are to please people; it just makes you miserable.


Changing who you are won't make others appreciate you. it'll

only take you further away from who you're supposed to be.

Every Story Has An End,
But In L i f e Every
End Is Just A New Beginning.
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