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Harry Potter,
Daniel Radcliffe ll Emma Watson ll Rupert Grint ll Matthew Lewis ll Tom Felton 
Bonnie Wright ll James Phelps ll Oliver Phelps







Who Will Burst Out Laughing Because

Of Something That Happened The Day B e f o r e………

Don't You Love  

How Every Girls Profile

Is About That One [ Guy ] 

&& Yet

He Never Knows That Every

Word Is About [ Him ]



It Doesn't Matter Anymore

I Guess Things Happen For A Reason. Tears Eventually Fade And One Day Everything Will Be Exactly How It's Supposed To Be.
Moving On Is A Process &+ You Have To Promise Yourself That You're Really Ready To Let Go.

If You Looked Inside A Girl

 You Would See How Much She Really Cries, You Would Find Many Secrets && Lots Of Lies,

But What You'll See The Most Is How Hard It Is To Stay Strong When Nothing Is Right & Everything Is Wrong. </3





Live Like Theres

[[ N o T o m o r r o w ]]

All I Need Is Just

One Chance, One Kiss, One Night To Show You What You Mean To Me.

One Chance To Spend The Day With You && To Show You How Were So Alike.
One Kiss To Prove Were More Than Friends.

&& One Night To Hold You Tight.


I Wish I Was Eight Again

Because All He Would Have To Do Is Tag Me  And I Was It. <3


If You Love Something Let It Go,

If It Comes Back To You It's Yours,
If It Doesn’t, It Never Was.

Drop Everything Now
Meet Me In The Pouring Rain
Kiss Me On The Sidewalk
Take Away The Pain
Cause I've Seen
Sparks Fly
Whenever You Smile. <3

-Taylor Swift.
-Sparks Fly-

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