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I'm Alia

most people call me allie but tbh i don't care what you call me. i'm honestly just trying to make it through each day. i'm 18 but i don't feel like it in some ways, but in other ways i feel older. i write so i don't go insane but it doesn't really work.
my quotes are my hoenst thoughts and opinions and if you say anything rude about them i won't even bother to reply. i won't delete them because you have the right say what you want, but i won't reply. sorry if you just want to get a reaction out of me.
i'm not a very nice person. but you can talk to me and i'll try not to be too rude. thanks for dealing with whatever crap i may give you (my apology in advance). 

i just want to eat mcdonalds and cry tbh.

Quotes by AlliieGiirl

everything that kills me makes me feel alive
the hardest part of living is taking breaths to stay



if you give up on me, i'm going to give up on me too
the pain is here to remind me i'm still alive
everything is fine but i wish i was dead

T O  G R E A T  M I N D S ,
g  s  

I  thought  I  could  control  it.

but  it got out of hand.


B A B Y  Y O U ' R E  A  F I R E,
and i want to get burnt
      ♥ i  w a n n a  l i v e ,
    not just survive