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Hey there!!! I'm Ally, I am 14 years old.  I LOOOOVE TO DANCE!! It's my life and I don't really like anything else besides school (depends on the day)I love to eat mac & cheese with coke, it's good.  I am obsessed with yo mam jokes.  My favorite song in the whole entire world is... GANGNAM STYLE!! Well... goodbye.

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I'm going to comment a sentence, then someone comments a continuation, and just keep going. I'll make a quote with all of it once it ends. Try to keep it making sense. Oh and don't reply comment like on top of it ok
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When all you get for Christmas from your friends is lotion...
Admit it
, we all want a vampire boyfriend,
but a werewolf to be madly in love with us!!

What is invisible and smells likes carrots?

Invisible carrots,

What's big and white and will kill you if it falls from a tree?

A fridge.

How do you stop a bus?

Throw little children at it.
ANTI-Joke #12

Why did the plane crash?

The pilot was a loaf of bread.

What has two legs and is red all over?

A half of a cat.

How did the fat guy survive the air crash?

He didn't he died like everyone else.

Why did the monkey fall out of the tree?

Because it was dead.