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Heyy guys :) Its Ally here

Wow, I haven't been on this site in a long time. Many things have changed. I've gotten older and now I am 16 and no longer a freshman. I probably won't visit here often.

 Hacked by xLizzIsAmazing :)))

 Okay so Ally left her account on here when I came on witty. And I would like to say that Ally is drop dead gorgeous and super dooper nice. And shes really good at playing the guitar! She rocks at it. So you should follow her. She hasn't been on in awhile but hopefully that will change. Also Ally loves pillow pets. Who doesnt? And horror movies. And she's obsessed with All Time Low and Big Time Rush. But come on those guys are cute... well James is<33 Ally has two sisters and their both really nice and also drop dead gorgeous. Michelle who I don't really know and Emily<33 I love her too<33 we're best friends and Ally's my best friend too.

Ally is really nice. She may seem weird but trust me no ones normal and its boring being normal. Ya know? Well anyway! Follow this amazing girrl ^^^ and feel free to check out her quotes and mine!

Go follow xLizzIsAmazing and if you didn't follow Ally yet follow her :)

Love you Ally<3

Quotes by Allykinz

Once someone lies to me 

I find it hard to believe a word that comes out of their mouth


It turns out that the people we want so badly to care about us
don't care at all 

like you don't

give a damn about the



Me: Hey I Think I Might Have A Crush On ___________  
Oh...He Has A Girlfriend
Me: -__-



I Am  Proud To Say

I Am Finally Over You


E V E R Y  G I R L
{has that one song}
that the second it begins to play on the radio

you think of him

I want to give you everything
ill give you my all
because you gave me-
you gave me your lips, a gentle kiss


No matter how hard I try to deny it
The thought of you
  brings a smile to my face

Even when your here with us

your mind is somewhere else

You are nothing more than a