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 Carnivalllll tomorow  yayayay  : ))))) !



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  Gabriel Torres .                       TattedOnMyHeart
 a l r e a d y   t a k e n ;*             loveee youu alwayss
   Alyssa χσ {
 ♥ } 15  fre$hman   youuu alreaddyy know;D haha
One of a kind.You can always be a copy. I'm simply an original
I’ll give you my heart boyy but youu gott to promisee. promise you’ll
hold me. touch me. L O V E. M E. way past f o r e v e r -Romeo Santos «-just uploaded new photos:)
M a r r i s a M i l l e r Is My Inspirationnn. feedback would be amazing : ) !
I'm the girl everyone LOVES to hate. I loveee the fact that people can nott
keep my name out of their mouth. —» its whateverrrr. love me or hate me
 i'm still on your mind.  lmfaoo keep talking your making me famous : ))))) ! 
I Live In New Yorkk . No Not New Yorkk City --------» Buuut New Yorkkk.
I Was Born In A Cute Little Hospital Named Mercy In Miami, Florida.
Raised In The Domincan Republic For About 5 Years.Then Moved
Back To The Statesss. I Keep Only Trustworthy People Close
To Me. These Days It's Like You Can't Trust Anybody But
Yourself. I've Been Through Alot In The Pastt Fourr
Years. Even Though I'm Fifteen Yearsss Of Age 
I'm Completly In Love With My Boyfriend:')
 He Means The World To Me && Even
 Though We Argue Like Everryy
 Day; I Can't Keep Myself
Away. Vanilla. Dark
Kiss. Foooood

My ABSOLUTE Favorite Song In The World!:'D → { Yeahhh Half My Quotes,Lmfao }                    
                 I Mean, I Gueess I'm On That Twitter Flow;* @Allyyyssssa  Follllllllow me!                                                                                                                                  

Quotes by Allyyyssssa

Just    Remember
someone out there  loves everything you hate about yourself.♥

Never get to attached to someone, because attachments lead to expectations and expectations lead to dissappointments.

take a shot for me

hug you from behind & kiss your neck 

introduce you to his family ♥

when boys hug you tight
lift you up &nd spin you ... ♥

 don'get your hopes up on a guy that calls you ugly behind your back. just another reminder!



i'm not arguing. i'm just simply explaining why

'm right.



only you would believe everything he says. tisk tisk.



Hun, while you were going out with him,
he dedicated the song ---she ain't you---»by Chris Brown. To Me ♥

{{{{  just  wanted  to  let  youu  know  babycakes;*   lmfaoo .  xoxo  ♥  }}}}