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I'm 14 year old girl, livng in a lonely world.

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Seriously Witty Girls, I need some advice.
I like this guy (of course), but I just meet him a week ago. I want to ask him to homecoming. ..but. ..Since I've just meet him I don't know. Also, I really want to go with a group of friends he doesn't know.... What should I do?
Please and Thanks!
Its not pretty, and I don't care.
I hate when my mom just hovers while I'm at the computer.
She think something is wrong when I just don't want to talk.
Now I need to fix my attitude, which I don't have.
It doesn't make sense.
It Would Be A Lie If I Said...

I love my life
I have a best friend
I'm beautiful
I have someone to tell everything to.
I'm perfectly fine.
I'm not crying, there's something in my eye.
I'm not a nerd, geek, smart person.
People care.
I don't think of suicide sometimes.
I'm not insecure.
I have a ton of friends
I feel wanted.

But, I say them anyways....

Thanks to everyone here on Witty.
Thanks to everyone here on Witty who have read my vent quotes.
It has helped me.
I don't know How I would be doing,
If someone didn't know what I feel.
Its nice to know, thAt someone,
knows how I'm feeling at the momenT.
So Thanks to those pEople who have read them.
It's helped Me vent,
a lot,
Instead of crYing,
a lot.
MY name says what I'm going through.
But with people Like you,
I get through It.
Thank you.

Its funny how,
You just became a couple.
We always made fun of him,
One little joke,
And now I'm not your friend?
You leave me to cry,
and you say nothing.
Yet, you b r e a k u p with him, and suddenly,
I'm your friend again?
Not anymore.
I'm done crying.
I'm done with you.
You are the reason for everything.
Yet, you don't care.
Don't you hate when you Mom says you are Snapping at her,
but you're not.
She's just not happy that you're

We used to be  best Friends.
We did everything together.
Now you've left me
for a girl I hate.
Why me?
It would be nice if you even noticed.
But you don't get it.
So go ahead and let me cry.

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