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Heyy. I'm Anna. I'm 15. Hit me up? Ask for my number. Talk to me! ;)

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My Dad Lost His Job.
My Boyfriend And I Broke Up.
I'm going to a new school where I don't know A Single Person.
...And I'm Not Really Sure What I'm Gonna Do.

"Selena deserves better than Justin."

lol, wtf are you smoking. Justin treats her like she's in charge of the solar system.


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what boy name sounds

good with yours <3




for every fav ill write a confession
i pinky promise ill do all of them. 


my quote/my format : livsbestfriendryan



Girl: Are you with your friends?
Him: Yeah, how'd you know?
Girl: Because you're acting like a jerk and ignoring me again.

Who else thinks Disney's next Princess

should be plus size?


That cute moment
when two short people go out<3

The worst thing you could 
 ever do to a girl is compare her with another girl.


I never said I liked it.

 I only said it didn't hurt.