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I'm Sierra and I'm 16. I'm single and hope a good guy will help me change that. I have 7 brothers and 4 sisters. One of them is my twin, Kaeli. (KaeKae95). I love photography! It helps me see the world in a more beautiful, new way. My dad died 4 years ago and it's all I think about. He was a Marine and went missing. THey found him later with bullets in his head. I'll never forget the moment when I saw those men walk up to my door. I was outside when they pulled uo and I knew right away what had happened. He was gone. I'm a country girl, but I live in the city. Personally I hate the city. I have no prolem with the people but in the country it's quiet and all I do is ride horses everywhere. I love texting people too! If you want my number just ask. If you want my nirmal facebook just ask. My witty facebook is I love people who can make me smile and help me through the rough times. I'd do anything for my friends and family. I LOVE getting to know new people and hope you guys drop me comment :) LOVE YOU ALL! <3

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Guys with abs <3 Puts me in Heaven :)
Jacob, Joshua
Daniel, David
Jayden, Jordan
Caleb, Cole
Nathan, Nicholas
Nicholas, Nathanial
Nathan, Nathaniel
Hayden, Hunter
Jordan, Justin
Jayden, kayden
Kyle, Ryan
Eli, Owen
Jace, Alec

Any more ideas? Which do you like best? And any other combinations you like?
Isabella, Sohpia
Faith, Hope
Olivia, Sophia
Madison, Morgan
Mackenzie, Madison
Makayla, Mackenzie
Tayla, Shayla
Faith, Grace
Gabriella, Isabella
Natalie, Nicole
Addison, Maddison
Chloe, Zoey
Chloe, Sophie
Haylee, Kaylee
Stella, Grace
Paige, Jocelyn

What names do you like? If you have any others you like please tell me?
Mason & Madison
Aiden & Addison
Evan & Emma
Ethan & Emma
Jaden & Jada
Aiden & Ava
Matthew & Maddison
Evan & Emily
Noah & Emma
Michael & Madison
Connor & Chloe
Sophia & Nicholas
Olivia & Owen
Zachary & Zoey
Caleb & Chloe
John & Grace
Jacob & Jillian
Landon & London
William & Sophia
Alexander & Ava
John & Ava
Ryan & Emily
Tyler & Taylor
Ethan & Emily
Ethan & Ella
Jayden & Jayda
Aidan & Nadia
William & Emma
William & Anna
Jacob & Emma
I saiah & Isabella
Andrew & Addison
Jacl & Emma
Noah & Sophia
Zachary & Zoe
Brian & Brianna
Ethan & Isabella
Michael & Isabella
James & Julia
Luke & Lilly
Alexander & Abigal
Andrew & Emily
Noah & Ava
James & Emma
Which names do you like the best? Comment? And if you want you get switch names to make a different combination?
So tired of being single! Call me desperate? I don't care. Because I am. I'm desperate find a good guy. One who I an trust and who can make me smile whenever I'm upset. A guy who is real. Not fake. Who will buy me something every once in a while but not spoil me. A guy who is rare these days... And those guys live nowhere near me and don't want a long distance relationship, taken, gay, or too old for me. Looks like I'm out of luck...
Biggest Confession Of My Life-

I'm done pretending. This isn't about how I always pretend to be happy. Or pretend to be nice to people. No. This is about my dad. You see. I tell everyone that he got in a car accident. So simple. Lost control and crashed. But that's not true. He was a Marine. He was gone for a while. I missed him. I always sent pictures to him of me, an animal we caught, even my best friend. Then one day, he was gone for good. I remember it like it was yesterday. But it was almost 4 years ago. I was sitting outside. Writing a letter to my daddy. My hero. My bestfriend. When 2 men walked up. Dressed in uniform. I saw them and I knew. My daddy always talked to me about this when I was little. I knew what these men meant. He was gone. But these men didn't know that for sure. They said he was missing. Can't find him but there was a chance that he might still be alive. I hoped, prayed, and dreamed that one day they'd find him. Alive. But the opposite happened. They found him. Six bullets to the head. And all I have left to show for is 3 stuffed animals, 2 pictures, and his dog tags. That's it. Now you see why i said he got in a car accident? It's less painful to talk about. It's not what REALLY happened so I'm ok with saying that. But the truth hurts way more. The truth tells me that he didn't die for nothing. But it hurts me more. He was my best friend. We did everything together. No one can take that away from us. I still talk to him. Well. Not really. I talk to his pictures, dog tags, and the stuffed animals he gave me when I was little. I talk to jeeps, eagles, and anything else that reminds me of him. Like my horses. Everyone of them used to belong  to him. Except 1. That 1 horse was the one he was planning on getting me. So my aunt made SURE I got that horse. In memory of him.
R.I.P Robert Angelovich...I love you daddy
SO my ex and I were texting 2 weeks ago and he said he still had feelings for me and that he also wanted to get back together! This made my day! Then we texted for the rest of the week...
All of sudden he stopped texting me. Now he won't answer any of my texts...
Anyone know what I can say in a text to get him to realize how much this hurts me and how much I care about him?
Favorite this for the biggest confession of my life?