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It's hard to swin
in a world so shallow
Le name is Amanda im 15 and i blow le candles on on march 11th . I love one direction so yes i am a directioner but i also love tyler the creator , frank ocean , hodgy beats and the rest of odd future . I mostly listen to rap but one direction is an exeption <3 so do not insult my 5 husbands please and thanks . I love the summer and i hate the winter and fall and spring is okayish i guess . I love glitter and my froggy pillow pet . i hate high school with every thing i have and i would do anything to be a little kid again . I have a tumblr if you ask i'll give it to you . im currently in a relationship with the bestest boy ever <3 we've had our ups and downs for three years but we always find our way back to eachother <3 oh and if you have an instagram you should follow me there @the_same_mistakes . thanks babes love you all xx
And I don't even need your love but you treat me like a stranger and i feel so rough

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Dear Haters of One Direction,

Yeah us Directioners see your hate quotes. But is that going to stop us from liking them? Yeah you say all they do is 'act' like they love their fans. Hate to break it to you but they LOVE us. All of the hate needs to go away. Do you think that your opinion about them won't affect us? WRONG. You are hating on our boys. And when you hate on them, well we want to prove you wrong. Lets just see how many people care about whats being said about them. Repost this as your quote and sign your name at the bottom. Please, I don't want to be the only one on here who cares. i had to stick up for my boys:P













  I used to care so much about what everyone thought about me. Now I learned not to care and do
everything for me

It's just that I miss you so much and I'm happy we're friends again but knowing I can't have 
you anymore, kills me  


2011 is the

year that went by so fast, maybe a little too fast. It's the year your so called friend walks out of your life, and it's the year you realise who the real ones are. It's the year you felt the most pressure to the point where you gave up so many times but you're still learning how to get back up. It's the year you said you were going to accomplish great things yet you feel like you just wasted time. It's the year you cried over too many pointless things, too many times. It's the year you look back at all the lifetime memories in which you find yourself missing the people in them. But it's the year you move on, slowly, and you realize that it is okay.

nmq found it on tumblr.



Meyedon'shetears but boy they

balwhen i'thinkin about you.


This whole not being able to breathe because
          i 'm crying so hard is getting a little old 


still cared ♥

DarlinI don'wanto
wake up and you are not by my side