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Do I Know You?? 
Hi People!!!!

Y'all.My name is Marriam. I am Thirteen years young. My favorite color is white, blue, purple, silver, and more. I love to draw, paint, sing songs(mostly one directions),dance, fashion, design, travel, shop, jewelry,sports, and more!!!!
More About Me!!!
I like to play field hockey and basketball and make new friends.
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I have alot of Friends. All of them are cool and smart and pretty.
Their names are :Tatum, Bri, Jill, Hayley, Hailey, Haven, Jolene, Kylee, Shawna, Courtney, Cassie, Jenna, Kailyn, Tegan, and more!!

I will Miss Y'all!

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Quotes by AmazingMarriam24

Kony 2012


When The Sun Gets Hot
And The Moon Gets Hazy
Summer 2012 Is Gonna Be Crazy!!!!

Now this is freaky...DO NOT CHEAT!! (You'll will kick yourself later) I was a little skeptical trying this, but if you follow the instructions to the end you'll be surprised!!!!
All of my answers were accurate. Take 1 minute and try will freak you out! BUT NO CHEATING! This game has a funny/spooky outcome.
Don't read ahead...just do it in order! It takes about 1's worth a try
First..get a pen and paper. When you actually choose names, make sure it's people you actually know and go with your first instinct.
Scroll down one line at a time...and don't read ahead or you'll ruin it!

1. First, write the numbers 1 through 11 in a column.

2. Then, beside numbers 1 and 2, write down any two numbers you want.

3. Beside the 3 and 7, write down the names of boys if your a girl and the opposite if your a boy.


4. Write anyone's name (like friends or family....) in the 4th, 5th and 6th spots.

5. Write down four song titles in 8,9,10, and 11.


6. Finally, make a wish.

And now the key for the game.....

1. You must tell (the number in space 2) people about this game.

2. The person in space 3 is the one that you love.

3. The person in 7 is one you like but can't work out.

4. You care most about the person you put in 4

5. The person you name in number 5 is the one who knows you very well.

6. The person you name in 6 is your lucky star.

7. The song in 8 is the song that matches with the person in number 3.

8. The title in 9 is the song for the person in 7.

9. The tenth space is the song that tells you most about YOUR mind.

10. and 11 is the song telling you how you feel about life

NOW...put this on your site within the hour you read this...IF you do..your wish will:come true. If you don't it will become the opposite!!
It Really Works!!!!

Love is not a thing to understand.
Love is not a thing to feel.
Love is not a thing to give and receive.
Love is a thing only to become
and  always  be.

Roses are red
Violtes are blue
Nothing in this crazy world
Could keep me from loving you!

 Up All Night!!!

-One Direction

Hey I Just Met You And This  Is CrazySo Here Is My Witty So Follow Me!!!

Step on the field and your worries waste away,
Its like the beginning of a whole new day.
The whistle blows and the ball is hit,
Even the fans have to stand; its impossible to sit.

The clicking of the ball becomes your own heartbeat,
Youre on a roll when you hear, tweet, tweet.
Its not against you, but the other team instead,
So you wind up for the free hit looking ahead.

You drive the ball with all youve got,
Sending it to the circle where your forward takes a shot.
The goalies there to clear it out,
From the sidelines we can hear coach shout.

The whistle is blown, Blue, Time Out.
Walking to the huddle, on every face I see a pout.
Feeling discouraged, and not knowing what to say,
I fell silent as coach began with a cliche

You girls can do it, just find it in your heart,
We came onto the field with a very strong start.
Just when you think youve given it your all,
Push a little harder when getting the ball.

Let today be the day when you are able to say,
I gave it my all every minute I played.
Let this be the moment when you can stand proud,
When scoring that goal and hearing the shouts of the crowd.

Leave the troubles of the day behind you,
Focus on the players dressed in navy blue.
This is your new family, there to catch you when you fall,
To cheer you on, call you out, and pass around the ball.

With every mistake a new lesson is learned,
With every success a reward is earned.
Dont be afraid to try your best,
Because in the end, thats the greatest success

Best Friends Are People In Life That Make
You Laugh A Little Louder,
Smile A Little Brighter,
And Live A Little Better.

<3 forever