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Do I Know You?? 
Hi People!!!!

Y'all.My name is Marriam. I am Thirteen years young. My favorite color is white, blue, purple, silver, and more. I love to draw, paint, sing songs(mostly one directions),dance, fashion, design, travel, shop, jewelry,sports, and more!!!!
More About Me!!!
I like to play field hockey and basketball and make new friends.
Follow Me!!!!!!!!
I have alot of Friends. All of them are cool and smart and pretty.
Their names are :Tatum, Bri, Jill, Hayley, Hailey, Haven, Jolene, Kylee, Shawna, Courtney, Cassie, Jenna, Kailyn, Tegan, and more!!

I will Miss Y'all!

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soccerxXxbabii 9 years ago
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AmazingMarriam24 9 years ago
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soccerxXxbabii 9 years ago
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veryy but also true):
TheTennisGirl12 9 years ago
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Marriam I found u!