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emma, 15 years young, and i'm just waiting for the sun to come out.

Quotes by Amazing_Emma13

whats your name?
aw really? i like that name!
let's hang out.
i have to tell you a secret.
hey! i missed you! i didn't see you for a whole day!
hey..i like you.
let's go to the movies.

you're gorgeous.
be my valentine?
i love you.
you're the only one for me.

text me later.
oh hi sorry i was busy.

i'll call you back later i promise.
i don't think it's working out.


since when did "forever" have an expiration date?

p.s. i still love you

every 18 minutes someone dies from suicide,
and every 19 minutes someone
is left to wonder where it all went wrong. 
please don't die tonight. i love you.

Here's to the kids who

try their hardest to be good enough for someone who doesn't care


are and wondering how you even have friends
 oh wait, I HAVE NONE. LOL.