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It's hard to forget someone
who gave you so much to remember
I'm wonderstruck, blushin' all the way home<333333333333
Hello Beautiful :)
Name: Amber Leigh Bailey
Age: 18
Birthday: November 27
State: South Jersey

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Quotes by YoungForever_723*

i can't help

in love with you

i don't really feel like talking about it today
i just kind of want to ignore it for the rest of my life
just shed a tear and move on, yanno

  that awkward moment when
you try to be sexy and you fail.
   fairytales happen everyday;
  even to the most loneliest
   of princesses like me 
  after the rain goes
  are there rainbows?
   You Know It's Bad When You,
Let Cartoon Characters Determine
Your Feelings For Boys
  See, I've Been Waiting All Day
For You To Call Me Baby
   Think they're your friends?

Think again.
You Know You're Obsessed With Les Mis When...

You don't have to watch it to know what is going on..
You just listen to the music while on Witty....


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