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Top ten facts about Adrianna Charlene Burlison<3;
1.I love shopping so much.
2.My cell phone is my life and I wouls never survive without it.
3.I had a boyfriend for almost 3 years before.
4.I hate guys now. They annoy me.
5.I love to just randomly sing no matter where I am.
6.Aero,Hollister&American Eagle are my favorite stores everr!
7.I had my first kiss in 6th grade, with some boy that I really liked.
8.My mother has breast cancer when I was 12.
9.I am very bad at the subject of SCIENCE. Ahh!
10.And most of all, my bestfriends mean the most to me along with my amazing mother<3

I won't mess with your head or play with your heart, cause i'm a real girl&I finish what I start♥

So I just got on Witty, and I absoultly love everything and everyone on itt(: