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Heyy, I'm Amber.
I'm 18 years old and turn a year older on December 12.
I just moved to Florida, and I love it.
I believe everything happens for a reason, whether we know the reason or not.
I start college in a few days, and I'm so excited.
I love texting.
I love meeting new people, so follow me and I'll follow you (:
If you need someone to talk to or to vent, I'm here and I will help you the best that I can.
If you want to know any thing else, let me know (:

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Quotes by Amber_Lee

My dreams
Always end up being about


My dreams
Always end up being about


My dreams
Always end up being about


Running away from your problems;
Is a race you'll never win.
face it and move on.
Only then will you be a true winner.


We may not always end up

where we thought we were going.
But we will always end up where we were meant o be.


Strong people
make as many mistakes as weak ones do.
But; the strong ones admit their mistakes, laugh about it,
and learn from it.

Maybe it's not about the happy ending,
  Maybe it's about the story
       What do you do
                     when the one who broke your heart
                      is the only one who can fix it!

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Be your own person.

Speak up.

Let your words convey 

what you feel

in your  heart.

Don't be afraid

to show the real you.






If you ask me how I'm doing  

I would say I'm doing just fine. 

I would lie and say

that you're not on my mind.