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Quotes by Ambii

         Wish i Could Press Rewind
  And Rewrite Every Line 
        To The Story Of Me &+ Yooh 

Because P.S I'm Still Not Over Yooh ..             

Not Mine.. But i Love The Quote ..

Why Cant i Get Over Him ..
        Its Coz Ive Fallen In Love With Him ..

♫ Chapter two When they meet up again Second time around See but they're just friends But the feelings still strong And it's been too long To be trippin' like they ain't been missing ♫

Never Take Enything Serious In Life  :]
El Oh Ve Ee <3
                              Im Over Him ..
     Coz i Have Someone New To Think About ;)
                           All i Can Do Is..
Smile + Pretends Everythings Ok .. :]
             And When The Rest Of The World Walks Out ..
                               I'll Be Here For Yooh.. 

                                     i Promise x

Ambii Bambii Boo Bobz x
A Friend Texted Me Saying What Does 'idk' Mean ? :S
   And Then i Sed 'i Dont Know'
       She Replied Sayin 'Wow .. No One Knows :O'

Ambii Bambii Boo Bobz x
Its Hard Seeing Him With Someone Else,,
   When Yooh Jus Want Him x

Ambii Bambii Boo Bobz x