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Just a normal guy. Spend most of my time on reddit (if you don't know what this is you're missing out), playing PS3, talking to my friends, or listening to alternative rock. I'm one of those guys who doesn't get girls but gets friends instead, and I'm fine with that quite frankly.

Quotes by Ammastaro

Hey, haven't made a quote in a while, let's catch up. Rejection sucks, friendzone leads to rejection. By logic we can then say that Friendzone sucks. That's all.
I keep seeing all these girls saying they want nice guys but go for jerks. I'm sick of it. If you want a nice guy, look at the people who you've stuck in the friendzone. Chances are, those are the kind of people you're looking for.
Alright 2012, you've had a rough start so let's pick it up.
Alright people of witty, need some advice. So my friend was going to go and ask out this girl and he knows she likes him back. However, other girls have come up that he also might ask out. I asked him for permission if it would be okay to ask out the original girl. He said it was fine and wasn't mad about it. I'm not sure if I really really like her or not, so I asked my best friend and she said it would be a horrible idea and would look like a jerk. So I told him no, I would look like a jerk and he said that he would tell people it was cool with him. What do you think? Fave if you think I should, comment if you think I shouldn't. If you have a specific reason why you may comment. Thanks!

I only wish to make at least one person happy. To make a difference in their life. To really matter. To be known and noticed by more than a few people. To be able to be talked to about anything. To be someone's "goto guy" when they have a problem. I just want to make that one person happpy.

Why must you talk to me and leave?
You say you miss me, but you never text me.
You say you can trust me, but you never tell me.
You say I'm an amazing friend, but you still desert me.
Why is it so easy to give advice but hard to follow it?
Is it too much to ask for a simple reply once in a while? To not be forgotten? To not be left behind?
I'm starting to feel like it is.
An international teacher asked her class: What is your own opinion on the scarcity of food in other countries?

The British student asked: "What is scarcity?"
The African student asked: "What is food?"
The Chinese student asked: "What is my own opinion?"
The American student asked: "What are other countries?"