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The monster within

            chapter 24

Connors pov
i heard a scream and somebody slip and fall. I got up and ran over by the bathroom. When i got over there i saw kristen on the floor surrounded in wine and kaylee standing there with an empty glass.
"what the he11 are you doing!?"
i yelled as i helped kristen up. She was crying and had mascara all down her face.
"oh i just taught her a little lesson about steeling my man"
kaylee said with a smirk.
"what?! i am NOT your man!"
"oh hun, you know you want me, i mean look at me! im gorgeous and im not messed up."
"whats that suppose to mean 'not messed up' "
"oh you know, i dont cut myself, or starve myself, OR make myself throw up"
kaylee said as she looked at kristen.
"kristen doesnt have problems!"
i screamed. I went to walk away with kristen when she collapsed.
"kristen! KRISTEN!" i screamed.
but she just lay there and didnt move
oh my god this cant be happening again....

 so i was just sitting here in my room when
i heard a electricating noise, so i look up and what do i see?
a fly reapeditly flying into the lightbulb, then getting burned and falling, then doing it again...

wtf fly? -_-

The monster within

            chapter 23
i weigh 95 pounds. its been 3 days since i last ate/ kept it down. im doing good. Connor hasnt noticed yet. Im pretty sure he never will. 7 more deep cuts have formed on my hip. I was a mess. i was asleep in my room, when i woke up i found connor laying next to me. I screamed and jumped and fell off the bed. bang. i hit the floor. "owwwww" i moaned as i got up. "suprize" connor says with a smile. "haha so funny, man what time is it?" i ask. I look around and scan my room for the clock. 5a.m. Man i guess i was really tired. "lets go out to dinner" connor said. "do we have to go eat.." i answerd. "why dont you want to.. oh god. are you starving yourself again!?" he said raising his voice. "no." i answerd quitetly and looked at thr floor. "then you will have no problem going out to dinenr with me" he answerd. "dress nice, its a fancy place!" he winked and left my room. i picked out a short white dress and silver earings along with white pumps
When connor saw me he said i looked gorgeous. When we got to the resteraunt We sat down and orderd. I orderd a chicken salad with dressing on the side and water. I slowly ate it and when i was done i excused myself to go to the bathroom and then i puked up my food. I came out of the bathroom and noticed a group of girls with their phones out recording me.. 'whats going on' i though to myself. "well well well, what brings you here little slu* " i heard somebody behind me say. I turned around but before i could see them red wine ws being poured all over my hair and down my dress.i tried to run but i slipped and fell. I screamed. I whiped the wine away from my eyes and looked up.Guess who was standing there with a big empty wine glass..

The monster within

            chapter 22
My eyes instantly filled with tears. i just kinda looked at the water and tried not to cry. "what the f--k is wrong with you!" connor yelled at the boy. "haha look it her boyfriend standing up for her," the boy looks at his friends " bet  you anything he got paid to come here with her" he laughed. Connor didnt say anything.. so i just started bawling my eyes out. But then i heard the boy scream, and i looked up to connor punching him in the stomach as hard as he could. "connor!" i yelled. I got out of the water and pulled him off of the kid. The boy just layed there shocked. When his friends finally helped him up he just glared at us and walked away. I took connors arm and we went back to our chairs and got our things, we walked over to our locker and got our phones and money, then returned the lock and key, and left. "are you okay?" i asked connor on the walk home. "im fine" he answerd coldly. "oh.." i said. When we got home i went to my room and pulled out my blade and cut 3 deep slits into my hips. (my new cutting spot so connor wont know) and then I walked into the living room. Connor was outside mowing the lawn and nobody else was home. I ran into the bathroom and grabebd my toothbrush and gagged up breakfast. Then i cleaned the toilet and my toothbrush then grabbed another toothbrush and brushed my teeth.
this time i'd keep the secret hidden.

The monster within

            chapter 21
We kissed for about 5 minutes then i finally pulled up for air. "connor connor" i stammmerd. "what?" he said smiling. "the pool?" i said. "oh yea.. lets go!" said connor. I said hold on and ran in my room. I pulled on SHORT jean bootie shorts and a white seethrough belly shirt over my bikini. i slipped on some gold flipflops and we were off. We decided to walk to the pool since it wasnt far from his house. Connor was wearing orange swimtrunks and a grey tee-shirt.  We arrived at the pool and payed to get in. When we went in afew guys were flirting with me and i just ignored me. Whoa.. this place is huge! Big waterslides. a lazy river. Wave pool. Pools. Kiddypools and more! oh and about a thousand lawn chairs! we chose a place in the shade to set up our stuff. We got a locker to put our phones and money in. I stripped down to my bikini, connor started staring again "what did i say about u catching flies with your mouth open all the time?" i teased. He blushed and looked away, and peeled off his shirt. Oh, My, Gosh. He had abs. And he was hottttttt. I had never gone swiming with him cause i was to insucure about my weight and cuts. Connor noticed i was staring and said "close your mouth! youll catch flies!" in a mocking tone then kissed me. Just a little peck though.. I was expecting it to be more then that then next thing i knew connor picked me up and chucked me into the water. "CONNOR" i screamed as i splashed into the water. He jumped in and kissed me. "why'd you kiss me?" i said. "you looked like you needed mouth to mouth" he answerd with a wink. "oh i love you!" i said and i hugged him. "love you to babe" he said. We went in the wave pool and down the slides and had a blast. Then we went to the snack bar. Connor said everything looked great but all i saw was 'carbs. fat. eww. fattening. carbs. no' Connor got a big chilidog AND chips and a soda. "what do you want?" he said. "ill take water" i answerd. he looked at me with concern. "okay.." he said and bought everything. We went and sat down at our lawn chairs while he ate like a pig and i sipped my water. "kristen.." he said. "what?" i answerd. "are you still eating.." "course i am! all thats just fattening and i dont want any of it right now" i said. "okay..." "lets go chill in the lazy river" i said. "okay!" he answerd. we floated for like 20 minutes when some kids floated past us. the little kid only said one thing, but it was enough to send me over the edge.
"see guys.. i told you she had scars all over her! i bet shes an emo cutter.. what a freak"

The monster within

            chapter 20

Yes, i was aware of how messed up it was that i had to stay with connor. But i was excited! my parents would be gone for a month. so just me, connor, derek, and lisa chillen here for a month. It was in the summer time so derek and lisa still had to work. But connor and i got to hang out all day every day. I packed clothes, swimsuits, makeup, femenin essintails, hair stuff, everything i'd need plus a few 'things' of my own.
It was a Tuesday morning and i had been eating reguraly for about a week now. so i was eating breakfast with connor. Lisa and derek had already gone to work and wouldnt get home till 6. "okay time to weigh you" connor said. "but im to lazy to get uppp" i said and smiled. "fine" he said and he swooped me up off the chair and carried me to the bathroom. He set me down onto the scale 97.3 it read. "yes!" he cheered. to be honest i was happy too. I was glad i was getting better. "i think we should celebrate! want to go swiming?" he said. "no" i said trying to hold a straight face. "but but but why notttt" he groaned. "just kidding lets go!" i yelled. I ran into the guest bedroom (wich i was now calling my room) and shut the door. I opend my suitcase and layed all my swimsuits out. i chose a purpler bikini. Connor would LOVE this!

I walked out of my room and connors chin dropped. I was wearing my bikini with gold sunglasses. "oh close you mouth you'll catch fly's" i said teasingly. I pushed his jaw up and kissed up like there was no tomarrow

The monster within

            chapter 16

"no.. NO! you cant tell anyone! i told you this before!" i scremed. " it just that shes my wife... and i hate keeping secrets from her.." derek said. "screw it, im done! im done with this! i shouldnt have told either of you! i should have just slit my wrist deeper so i'd die when i had the chance!" i yelled. "you dont mean that kr-" connor said but i cut him off. "i DO mean it! you both dont care! so im done! announce it to the frikin world for all i care! WHATEVER" i said and with that i sprinted down the stairs and out the front door and ran. Even though i could hear them crying and running after me i didnt stop i just ran, and ran, and ran. i think i was running for about a half hour when i finally lost them. I slowd down to a walk to finally catch my breath, i looked around and i was in the middle of a long alley that i didnt reconize. Oh well, i dont care. Well just then i heard a vehicle behind me and a turned around to a tall guy in a black mask.i turned and tried to run but he grabbed me and threw me in the car trunk. He ductaped my mouth and then gave me a shot and
i passed out.
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