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The Summer When Everything Changed
“Mom,” I took a deep breath, “We really need to talk.”
I saw her smile waver a little, “What is it? Honey… If you’re asking for a car again, I can’t afford it.”
“No mom, it’s about… Dad.” I swallowed hard as I saw the look of obvious disapproval cross her face. “I can’t stay here anymore, and it won’t be like you’ll be staying alone either. Mellissa will still be here. I know you don’t like Dad, but he can take care of me.”
“How long darling?” She looked down at the bills at the table and I could see her grimace.
“Uh… Mom, I was sort of going to stay” She didn’t look up. “Mom, I was going to move in completely.”
This is a good idea, I told myself. But that was hard with my mother’s disapproval of dad. They’ve been divorced for fourteen years and had kids. All the same, they acted like broken up seventh graders. A moving truck was taking all of my things down from Rochester to Miami while I would take a plane down. When I had told dad I was coming down, he was terrified, “Wow, that’s a change. When are you coming? Do you need to be enrolled in school? Do you need a car?”
I had told I could handle everything and that he didn’t need to worry about anything, just that there was too much drama up by me.
My mother was waiting in the lounge tapping her foot. With her huge brown sun glasses and dark brown hair pulled up, she looked a lot younger. “Mom, I really didn’t want to do this either, I just really need this. Maybe I will come home soon.”
She ignored me by turning around and blowing some hair out of her face. “Attention all scheduled passengers from flight 42A, the plane is scheduled to arrive in ten minutes. We are sorry for the delay.” The speaker’s voice boomed all over the airport.
“Mom,” I said taking her shoulders and turning her around, “I love you. I need to hear that in person before I leave.”
She hesitated, “Susan, I will always love you…” She embraced me in a hug and we waited for the plane to arrive.
I felt something vibrate in my pocket; my phone. I pulled it out
One new message
From Jack:
Susan, plz forgive me, can we talk somewhere private, come to my house? Plz?
I hadn’t told him I was leaving yet.
I hit the reply button
Jack, I cant leaving for florida right now, not coming bak
One new message
I love you, don’t go
Feedback? Thanks so much, I love you all, I will write the next chapter after Five faves, and I PROMISE it will get better


Cuttying My Way Through

Chapter 4

I looked at my mom, hoping for some sympathy. She stared at me blankly. "Ok, he seems to be fine, you may take your son home now." The doctor told my mother. My mom grabbed her purse, and scurried out the door. I quickly hopped off the bed and followed her because I knew that if she waited in the car too long for me, she would leave me. I broke out into almost a spring when I saw my mom get into her car, slam the car door and start the car. She pulled out of the parking space she was in. And pulled up to where I was. Oh, thank you, God, i told myself.
I quickly hopped in the car and slammed the door shut.
"What the hell were you thinking!"
"What!?" I said confused.
"What the hell did you think you were doing, cutting yourself?"
"I, I.." I stammered.
"I was angry you were being mean to me, so I cut myself" I lied.
The ride was silent for the rest of the ride home.
My mom hopped out of the car, and opened the front door, taking time to hold the door for me. I was surprised, what had gotten into my mother? Why was she being so nice, I wondered.
I didn't question it any further, I just enjoyed it because I knew it wouldn't last long.
"Would you like anything to eat?"
"I'll make a sandwitch" I said. I got out the bread and ham and cheese from the fridge. I put everything I wanted on, and got out a knife to cut the sandwitch in half.
"Here, I'll cut it for you." My mom said, taking the blade from my hand.



                     10 Things Men Know About Women
10. Women have boobs.


Anyone else think so for the iPhone/iTouch?


im asian so i must be smart


im scene so i  must be looking for attention

im blond so i must

be stupid

im black so i must be ghetto

i look emo so i must cut myself

im a person so i must e judged

I hate labeing. Nobody should

be labeled on how they look.

This is why I hate this world

When I was younger,
I didn't worry about how I looked. It didn't matter if I acted weird in front of guys. I had less than 15 minutes of homework a week. I only cried when I scraped my knee. Kissing was disgusting. There were no "popular" people and everyone was pretty much friends. Books were 3/4 pictures.

 I miss this.  
Me: Stop that, you're annoying me!
Guy that annoys the crap out of me: Stop what?
Me: ...breathing.

liking facebook comments about you
just to be obnoxious..
only me?

This quote does not exist.


i'm a
how it goes.
i'm gonna
flirt with you,
diss you.
i'll send you
mixed messages,
hit on your
lie to you.
then i'll
lead you on
so you'll
fall for me.
i'll make you
happy for a couple of days
i'll completely ignore you.
but you'll be the one i
turn to
when i need a
or a confidence boost.
know what the
best part is?
you can't do
anything about it 
because you
love me
and you don't want to ever lose me.