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Oh, hey there! I'm Amy Nicole. ♥
I get older every year on February 19th.
I'm perfectly imperfect. I use song lyrics to say the things I can't. ♥
I have big dreams and plan on making them come true.
I tend to overthink things a lot.
Music is my life. I write songs all the time, along with stories.
Music is my drug. Concerts are my addiction. ♥
I'm not like other girls, I'm one of a kind.
I text way too much, along with being on Facebook and Twitter.
I LOVE meeting new people and making new best friends, so click on the links below and let's be friends!
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Quotes by Amy All Time Low ♥*

I wanna be famous...
Not for the fame or the money, but so I can be an inspiration to people.
Share my story, and let people know they're not alone. ♥

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And today I caved and caught...
The One Direction Infection.

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Love is louder than
the pressure to be perfect. ♥

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And it looks like
I'm gonna be wasting
all my 11:11 wishes
On you, cause I think you're worth it. <3

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If you have ever been called

Put this as your quote and whoever
it, disagrees.

She relies on blades to ease the pain.

Why Am ICrying Over You,
It's not like I even meant something to you....
Sunday was exactly 2 weeks before my 18th birthday...

I just found out that my little brother Ryan, (not actually my little brother, but we were so close and looked so much alike we could pass as brother and sister.. so yeah) was in a car accident after the game and didn't make it... )':
I haven't seen him in a couple of years because he moved with his best friend to California while I'm in Ohio still, but it still hurts a lot. He was only 17, and didn't deserve it. Sure he did a lot of stupid things and made people mad, but we all loved him no matter what. </3

I need my Witty girls, and guys, to help me get through this....

"In the blink of an eye, I never got to say goodbye. Like a shooting star, Flyin' across the room, So fast so far,  You were gone too soon. You're a part of me, And I'll never be, The same here without you, You were gone too soon. </3"

You didn't deserve this Ryan. I miss you so much already. Be safe, protect me, and watch over me from Heaven. I'll see you again someday, but you should be here with us (me, David, and Emily). We love you Ryan, always, no matter what things have ever been said or anything. ♥

She gave you her
but you gave her your LIES.
Roses are red. Violets are blue.
You're cute, can I have you?
  ♥ (;