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My name's Amy Snow, but I’m not a fan of my last name, so I go by Amy Rose<3 I came into this effed up world on October 23, 1995. I'm currently 16 years young. I live in a little ClownTown that goes by the name of Clinton. Ehh... Not one of the best towns. Nothing in this damn town is kept a secret. Anyways, more about me. I LOVE cheerleading, obviously if I’ve been doing it since i was about 7 years old. Music emphasizes my LIFE. I love giving advice and just listening to people’s problems cuz it helps me follow my own advice<3HATE drama, so that's why i chill with the guys(: nbd.. <---Pretty Much My Life.



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Karma is like 69
You get what you give.


I absolutely adore when. . .
me        and        my      boyfriend        jus     t         lay         t     here,           face       to        face,       w   i     t      h      
our       l    i    ps         so    ft       l        ly       touc  hi       ng. . . 


  Boyfriend: "I don't like you"
 Girlfriend: ". . .  ."
Boyfriend: "I love you(:"

(little  love  comments)

I went to see The Vow;*
With my boyfriend's mother. . . . 

  What did President Barack Obama say to Michelle when he proposed?
  "I don't wanna be Obama self. . ." 


Boy: "It's awkward buying condoms."

Girl: "It's awkward walking around pregnant. . ."

I love when
                                                                                                                        He gives me raspberries on my tummy just to see me smile. . . 


Girl: *tells boyfriend story*
Boy: "cool story tell it again(;"

I came too realize
that girls want alot of things from one guy
& guys want one thing from alot of girls

A goal is just a dream 
Untill you put it into action. . .