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ive been on here just a little too long, it's been real


Quotes by AnchorChasing

You know that feeling where you think
"I'm so beyond done with everything. Can it all be over now.."
Yup, that's how I feel right about now


When you're in class, bored,
You stare at all your strands of hair and just think

 "When did I get so many split ends?"


Personally, I think we should have
A 6 month vacation, twice a year.



to the family of 7 who died because a man decided
to dress up as Santa clause , ring there doorbell and
shoot them on Christmas day in Texas. Fave if you care.


What happened to Witty?
What happened to the heart-felt quotes I loved reading 
when I was having a bad day? What happened to the
drama-less, filled-with-love kind of site I was obsessed with.
Me - being too busy to go on as much - just came back on 
witty to see a million quotes saying "Go block her!" and
"Brandoncyrus Brandoncyrus Brandoncyrus" Who the hell
cares about these things. Witty is meant for witty sisters, &
brothers as well. To come and just be in place to get away
Boys on here don't have to be obsessed-over. And girls who
start drama drama should just be avoided. I miss the old witty.
Lets bring it back?

Thanks to Facebook

I now know what everyones bathroom looks like.

One mirror at a time


I decided to try the google vs. yahoo
war, I typed in "babies are" to yahoo, 
it said "babies are blessings" google
said "babies are like drunk people"
Google you have done it again. 



My high school graduation
speech: I'd like to thank my teachers... just kidding. I'd
like to thank 


Control your anger.
Cause it's only 1 letter away from


Favorite this if you're against child abuse </3