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Quotes by AndIvFallenForUAgain

The Snow, oh so peacefull
Christmas, oh so joyfull
The Love, oh so plentifull
Its that time of year,
When all is right,
When the drama seems to fade
And everyone joins together
For The Spirit of the season
&&if you have to think about it, then you dont have to think about it, love is a sure thing, you know when its there, and you know when its not, whether you want it to be or not.
your my best friend, just like a brother, and i would never want to lose you
&&maybe, were not meant to be, maybe everyones wrong, maybe we were right, maybe all were supposed to be is friends &&maybe were perfect for eachother and wel never know.
your always there for me
can always make me laugh
a smile never leaves my face
when your around me
you give me that feeling inside
that makes me feel safe
your my best friend
but when will you be more
you make me smile uncontrollably
best friends for two years
tell eachother everything and anything
hung out for the first time last night
last night i thought was going to be amazing
but last night was dissapointing and confusing
last night was fun, last night we laughed,
but thats all we did last night
we did not hook up, we did not even flirt
that much
thats not how last night was supposed to go
thats not what i was expecting
but maybe thats how its supposed to go
last night was a turning point
for these two best friends

do i still feel the same? are the feelings there? or are we always gonna be just friends because thats how its supposed to be, not because were to afraid to take the risk?
all i think about is you
im always talking about you
i flirt with you
people say i like you
i think i do
but last night
when we hung out
i just didnt feel it
and that scares me
iv always felt to secure with you
knowing that we felt the same
but what now
now i dont know what i want
and everyone keeps saying,
you two should just date
why arnt you two going out yet
are you guys more than friends
you guys always flirt,
and ya, iv always thought about it
and youv thought about it
but what do we think now
cas it doesnt matter what everyone else says
what matters is how we feel
and honestly, i dont know how i feel.