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Quotes by AndIvFallenForUAgain

Just a small town girl
livin in a lonely world
she took the midnight train
goin anyyyy where

Just a city boy
born and raised in south detroit
he took the midnight train
goin anyy where
i just spent a whole week with people that never stopped making me laugh, we always had smiles on our faces, there was no drama, no fights, it was all fun and happiness for a whole week, &&now that its over, i realize that thats how i want to live my life, i only want to be around people that make me happy and have a positive impact on my life, because life is too short to live any other way
you led me on, everyone saw it, you had me believing, things were finally working out, but just like everyone else, you pulled away in the end, you left me shocked and alone
and things just never seem to go my way. no matter how much i want them to  it just never works out
&&i finally fell for the good guy, but in the end, even he hurt me
&&the more i talk to you, the more i want to talk to you

and everytime your names pops up on my phone,
 a smile pops up on my face

&&i always seem to fall

for the Wrong guy

&&im trying so hard to hate you,
but no matter what i do or think
i just can't
&&no one but me
can understand why
cas all they can see
is that you cheated on me
but all i think about
is everything befor that moment
the two years of memories
of laughs, tears, care and smiles
ruined by one momenta
&&im trying so hard to hate you for that

You're Like A Nightmare,
That Just Won't Go Away

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