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Quotes by Andie*

If somebody hates them self to where they WANT to have mistreatment it will not matter how good that you are to them or how much you want to save them from themself.

They crave mistreatment so they will see you as a problem and treat YOU accordingly
Publicly play favorites. It is selfish, juvinile and desperate to be seen as popular. I don't know why it's such a thing. It is not at all wholesome and hurts those who are forgotten about.
I believe you are who you are... sometimes your sweet and giggly full of life and bubble. Other's your serious as can be. One minute there might storm's in your eyes and loneliness and fear, oh how small of a child you must feel your friends and loved ones are there to be your guiding light. Other days maybe your cat bounding and singing to your hearts content. You, we, all humans are silly giggly, serious and stern, loving, helpful scared and timid. Never ever change because society says you don't follow the norm. You are you in all your beautiful shining soulful adultness. Be happy, be blessed, love yourself in all your flaws and greatness. Keep your soul happy thru laughter and love and beautiful memories.
Be wary of

People who you are not quite sure what it is that you owe to them

Or Why
Who are YOU to tell ME how I should and should not feel?

It is me living though my experience

you are living through your own
Friends do not let friends be sad suffering without trying to give any comfort
When your intentions are pure you don't lose people.

They lose you
Karma says sometimes you will suffer not because you were bad but because you didn't know when to stop being good
Healthy love will not make you curse your ability to feel
Love will inevitability sometimes hurt but

Healthy love heals more than hurts

Toxic love hurts more than heals