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Quotes by Andie*

All you do is feel sorry for yourself
It's just manipulation
So do not lie. You don't feel bad.
You are just upset that you have to pay the price for your very own actions.
So do not give me that talk saying that you hate yourself...
It's just manipulation
To make me feel sorry for you all because YOU messed up again.
Using your self hate as an excuse to stay the same.
You will always miss out
You keep making the same mistakes
You are making the same mistake twice
As long as you keep it up
It's you who will keep paying the price
Stop spamming. Annoying
When you have that lonely period
─╣et it be and do not go seeking
Use it to rest and get to know yourself
What you like, what you do not and how you love
The right ones will find you
And you will know when they do
there will be no doubts
Love, happiness is supposed to rise your self esteem
Not crush it
Hold on
I have friends again and they are not you. We go out into the town, we go to the beaches, we have sleepovers, we support and lift eachother up. I do not feel afraid anymore. This is how life is supposed to be.
I hope that what you did was worth it because you will never hear from me again
After everything I did for you
You are still so rude
You can make me the bad guy but the universe knows
you are so rude and what you did there's no truth to how you acted 
You did it out of spite and now I am paying the price
For thinking you changed 
It's me 
The one who has changed
while you stayed the same

How is it to suffer so long each day when most people don't suffer every day for years. Then they wonder why
I am drowing in close proximity to the land I beg for