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Quotes by Andreah*

May you never be the reason someone who loves to sing, does not anymore.

Or why somebody has dimmed themselves as to not blind you.

Or why somebody who always spoke so wildly of their dreams and excitementsis now silent about them.

May you never be the reason for someone watering themselv down,

giving up on a part of them,

ecause you were demotivating, non appreciative or sarcastic about them.

May you never be that cold.
One AM

Holds many secrets...

Many emotions...

Many regrets...


Much love.

One AM

When you truly at the deepest self.
Why must I pretend to hate you in order to be loved??
It is not worth it
You are worth more then that
how I love her

'till every last star fell

wished she where here
A rotting pear
A pear
A pair
I hate birthdays 

Is it wrong that I wanted somebody to remember

Every year is a let down 

"Happy birthday Andie"

Said nobody ever
i'm just crying all of the time now
and my anxiety makes it very difficult to breathe
i feel as if i am dying
make it stop
Trying to make people smile is a waste of time
Everybody hates me