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Andie*'s Favorite Quotes

i made it
You made it happen.
If I don’t write solipsism jokes, who will?
you need food to focus
you need food to focus
you need food
I need to improve my work-work balance.
Newest social me​dia acronym: LOLTWBWNOIW (Laugh out loud then weep bitterly when no one is watching).
There are worse places to have a monkey than on your back.
growing up feels like saying goodbye.
i'm going to miss you.
i always thought you were so pretty.
i'm going to tell you.
you're the type of person who thrives anywhere they go.
i'm going to tell you.
you deserve better and deserve all the happiness.
i'll tell you on tuesday.
I know I carry a heavy weight on my shoulders, how many nights I stayed up and how many I cried. But I insisted on completing the path because I carry a faithfulness that should not be betrayed. #Medicine
i just know im gonna make it
all this pain will wash away
i trust in You.
You can break someone down to dust and expect them to always stay

But dust scatters