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Quotes by Andreaxoxo

                    The ocean is a beautiful thing
                    it can be calm and gentle
                    soothing your worries
                    erasing your fears.
                    And then, 
                    when you're least expecting it, 
                    it can turn wild and raging,
                    pulling you under, 
                    leaving you without air.
                    The ocean is a beautiful thing.

                    Kind of like you.


I can't even remember the scent of your cologne
and I'm getting too comfortable with being alone


w e  a r e  a l o n e
b u t  w e ' r e  n o t  l o n e l y



She' Dying
  to live, but she's dying to die.



i'll forget how

your smile

made your eyes

shine brighter

than the city lights

at night

if i had a raindrop for every day i loved you
it'd pour for hours

 i just wanna be
the one   to remind    
 you what it     is to


how am i supposed to do what i love

when everyone tells me im doing it wrong?


a lot of my life

has been realizing that i would

cross oceans

for people who wouldn't

jump puddles for me


I wonder what it feels like

right before you jump off the edge,

knowing your life is going to end.