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Quotes by Andreaxoxo

i've tried so hard to convince myself

that it's okay to feel this way

do you think  of me   when you   

cant sleep

I guess it doesn't kill you

as much as it kills me

to not talk to each other.


Youre on mY mInD anD In mY HearT
wHY canT I Have You In mY arms


They say I couldnt last a day in the real world.
I say you wouldn't survive one night in mine.






You've Got me lauGHinG wHile i sinG
You've Got me smilinG in mY sleeP

You've been voted easiest to replace by your peers!!!
I know

there's no worse feeling than the one deep in your gut when you find out the guy you like has gone into a relationship with a girl that isn't you.

"I love when I get my period!"
says no one ever Giovanna Plowman

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