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Quotes by Andreeaax

He Kissed Me Under
The Mistletoe♥


Guys who tell you that 
like you and then flirts
with other girls deserve 
a kick in the balls.


True Story.

Me: I'm getting sick :(
Him: Wah. :(
Me: Why wah? 
Him: Because i won't see you in school and i will miss you.

The Awkward Moment When
you buttdial someone and your talking about them...



What does IDK mean?

I Don't Know


Oh My God No One Knows.




Who else is Thankful for



Never Fall For

Your Best Friend </3

     She Wants a Gentlemen


The Awkward Moment When
you think a person is mad at you.
But they think your mad at them


All guys

Need To Stop Pmsing .