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Andrew Jennings   <3   Niall Horan
I am Andrew Jennings and I love everything and everyone! I am gay and in love with One Direction... And I am a die hard Narry Shipper :3


Quotes by NarryandMe*

Long Distance Relationships  #1
Doesn't matter how far they live, all that matters is if they make you smile :)
*le Swedish accent*


Big summer blow out
I feel like I should know,
why the f/ck you did you enter my life only to leave.
Make that wrong turn, into a right.
I can't promise you will be alright.
Just know in the end I will be by youside.
Do you know what it like to count your breaths, breathing them as you regret their very existence; What existence signifies purpose to your own being, a being that you hate? I plan, now and here, to end it. Just as many others do, These walls will be painted in my blood, and not a single tear shall be shed.
His hips tell a story,
Different from his smile.
Scars he hid, scars that started his demise.
A story that has been told,
A story that is not a lie.
A story of a cutter,
Story of my life.
My Principal called me into the ofiice yesterday  'welcomeme back from my hospitalization.....
which was a month ago....
But thanks for trying
I am scared no one will love me cause of my mental disorder.... I mean who would want to watch me all the time so I don't do something stupid....
I wish I had a witty friend... ;(
I am a boy dreaming of death,
In this nightmare of a life.