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Ayyeeee it's Alisha. I don't really use this anymore.
Now that I'm 15 and I'm starting my GCSEs, I barely have time to do anything. Also, I seriously hate socialising with people these days. I litterally seperate myself and do my own thing, don't care about anything anymore. But Had fun on this website, especially on GGG. But everything's changed man, and I hate that. I miss all my bishes on here, you guys were basically my family. Time goes fast, eh?

Angie, Olivia, Viola, Charls, Monica and Ciya.
 I'll never forget you guys. </3

Contact me on;

-Instagram: alisha.ldn *most active on*

-Snapchat: lishkid
-Kik: alisha.stryder_
-Oovoo: senzu_bean
-tumblr: okumuravevo *most active on*

Drake is too perf.

Quotes by alisha.*

Boy: You're the only girl I talk to.
Ladies don't start fights,
But they can finish them.
person i hate: i'm so hungry that i could die
me: you promise?
Kids: Trick or trea--
Me: NO
Me: *runs 1000 meters, climbs 3 mountains, swims in the alantic ocean*
Me: *finally reaches phone*
Message: ''K''
Me: *looks at my quote*

Me: wtf why haven't i got any favourites yet.

Me: *clicks on my quote and favourites it*

Me: that's better
Friend: Remember when you had a crush on-