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I want a long lasting relationship where "Forever" actually means "Forever" & not "We're together until I find somebody better".

My Mommy says I'm not
not the same little girl anymore. Mommy says I've changed.
Mommy thinks its cause I'm grown up, That I've changed my ways.
But Mommy doesn't know, Mommy doesn't see, all the scars in my heart, and
all the places I bleed. Mommy doesn't understand, and i really don't know why, Mommy doesn't know at night I silently cry, Mommy doesn't know that I really want to die. Mommy doesn't get to see, this terrible place inside my mind. Mommy doesn't know all the things I hide,I wish I could just scream to my Mommy that I am not okay. I wish I could ask her to take my pain away. My depression, mommy doesn't know about, Mommy doesn't
know that i want to scream and shout. Mommy was right, but mommy doesn't know.
She lost her little girl long ago.

So i saw a video of a young girl Amanda Todd who commited suicide. She was bullied to the point where it ended in her death. She shouldnt had been bullied but she was. Being so judgemental of her was wrong, Yes she made a mistake. Everybody makes mistakes. It doesnt mean that everywhere they go they should be taunted, called names, or bullied. i bet many young girls do worse things everyday but they dont get called names. When its a popular girl in school they can do what they please and everybody praises them for it. But, when it is a girl who is normal and nobody really pays attention to, once they make a small mistake its like a world war and they do whatever they can to bring those people down. You dont know if they have things going on in their personal lives. You dont know if they are cutting or crying themselves to sleep wishing they were dead. Put yourselves in their shoes. How would you feel if that person was you? Many people go through things like this everyday. If you or a friend need somone to talk to or vent to comment on here or even write on my profile. I will be here to listen and even try making you feel better. Be strong. Everything will get better. Maybe not today and maybe not tomorrow but it will get better. I Promise.
& Sometimes I wonder if I ever cross your mind because to me it happens all the time.
Mom: Do the dishes.
Me: I will later..
Mom: No, do them now not when you feel like it.. 
Me: Noooo. I'm watching tv. -.-
Mom: ...
Me:.. I mean okay i'm right on top of that rose.!
Mom: Rose?
Me: Don't Tell Mom the babysitters Dead..
Mom: ... Do the dishes. * walks away*

True story.
Little Girl: Mommy where do babies come from?
Mother: The stork drops them off.
Little Girl: -.- That's a pile of sh*t.
Girl: I'm ugly. :/ 
Guy: You spelled betiful wrong. <3
Girl: lol so did you. 

Mom: I don't get appreciated at all in this house. -.-
Me: I don't get appreciated either! Do I?! -__-
* Those were the words that started World War 3 * 

lol True Story.
YOLO Backwards. ---> 

O nly
L osers
O bey
Y olo


L ove
O reos