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Hey im Angelina,
I'm 15, I was born on the 5th of February<3 The same day as my half sister.. crazy huh?
My life is interesting...
the only way you will understand me is if you really want to take a long time to actually try,
Then you still probably wont.. but thats just because im me..
The only thing perfect about me is my imperfection so dont judge me,
My friends get me through everything.. if it werent for them i probably wouldnt be here right now..
And i will do anything for the people i love,
No one really understands, even if they say they do. I dont even understand sometimes.. but i try to.. i need people to learn that most of them dont know anything about me. The only people that know anything about me are Kevin, Laura, Pam, and Lindsay :3

Thanks for reading<3 i like food<3
btw, you're Beautiful<3
 praying for your love<3

Quotes by AngelinaRawrr

omfg iust shut up. your life is perfect, i would do anything to have your life. you have two parents that atleast try.. my dad died. and my mom cares more about finding a new boyfriend than she does about knowing me. you complain about how mean your dad is, he is one of the nicest people i have met. just cause you are an only child doesnt mean you have to be a spoiled brat. now shut your face and get over yourself.
that moment you realize that you are everyone's back up plan...
what a wonderful feeling..
Its amazing how someone who used to be your best friend can just hate you for no reason. I just love it how she decided that it was her spot to go talk crap about me behind my back, and always put me down. yeah so much for BESTFRIENDS. but you know whatever if you are going to do this and just replace me and not even try to fix this then i guess i dont need you in my life.
So i just broke up with my boyfriend.. and he threatened me now.. lovely..

well to start it all out he has been cheating on me this whole time, and then if it doesnt help hes been acting like a jerk lately. Well anyways, last weekend i went to the ocean and i met this guy, i really like him, and we didnt really even flirt, we were just hanging out and then i didnt want to end up cheating on my ex, so i was going to break up with him cause i just cant do that to someone.. i wouldnt know what to do with myself if i did something like that and didnt do anything about it. so i broke up with him today, and now hes saying all this crap and calling me a hoe, and a tramp.. and im like oh.. you know.. cause i mean i do all this sh*t with everyone concidering you were my first boyfriend.. ever.. but yeah thanks.. my brother will beat the living sh*t out of you.... bye a**face

Saw this and it made my day

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Hope it makes yours too


When you feel so alone, and want to cry and you dont know why, all you know is you want a hug and want someone to tell you everything will be alright..

  How hard is it to make someone feel important

Just once?

I want to have the relationship where it doesn't matter how often or how little you see each other,
all that matters is that both people love each other with all their hearts.

I'm letting go, but no one knows...


I look in the mirror and feel disgusted with myself.
Disgusted by what i've done,
The way i look,
The way you can see my scars,
The way no matter how hard i try i cant feel pretty,
The way i've lost all confidence in myself,
The way im just a waste of space,
and i realized..
If i can't love me,

Then why should you?...