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Hey im Angelina,
I'm 15, I was born on the 5th of February<3 The same day as my half sister.. crazy huh?
My life is interesting...
the only way you will understand me is if you really want to take a long time to actually try,
Then you still probably wont.. but thats just because im me..
The only thing perfect about me is my imperfection so dont judge me,
My friends get me through everything.. if it werent for them i probably wouldnt be here right now..
And i will do anything for the people i love,
No one really understands, even if they say they do. I dont even understand sometimes.. but i try to.. i need people to learn that most of them dont know anything about me. The only people that know anything about me are Kevin, Laura, Pam, and Lindsay :3

Thanks for reading<3 i like food<3
btw, you're Beautiful<3
 praying for your love<3

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I dont know what i did, but i must have done something wrong..
cause you wouldnt just give up like that....
My boyfriend's gram is dying..
I feel like there is nothing I can do either.. He already lost his grandfather a few years ago, and when he did he kinda just pushed everyone away.. I dont want him to push me away, but there isn't much I can do about it. I feel horrible cause I just want to be at his grams house with him and his whole family cause he is my family, and they are all really sad and I just want to be there to help him get through this cause my dad died three years ago on December 5, 2009. I dont know what to do.. I want to give him the biggest hug on the face of the planet and tell him everything will be alright.. and I want to just be able to cry with him.. I feel so bad, and helpless, and all I know to do is
I love him<3

I like it when you smile..
But i absolutely love it when it is cause of me<3

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I have this weird thing.
When you are nice to me:
I do good in school,
I pay attention,
I'm happier,
I care about people more,
When you are mean to me and you yell at me for stupid things:
I do horrible in school,
I don't pay attention to anything,
I'm depressed,
I couldn't care less about anyone or anything besides my boyfriend.

And you think I'm the one with the problem, I think you should think again.

Reasons I love you

You kiss me constantly, you tell me I’m beautiful, you tell me you love me all the time, you always want to be around me, you surprise me, you just get me stuff just to get it for me even though you know you don’t have to, you always talk about our future together, you get me excited, you cuddle with me no matter where we are, you kiss me when I’m in the middle of talking, you do whatever it takes to be with me, you let me wear your cloths, you hold me and never let go, you always wear the stuff I give you, if you know I’m upset you do what ever it takes to make me feel better, you insist on buying me things, you are so sweet, you are gentle, caring, amazing, the way you put your hands on my waist and you just hold me, the way you wrap your arms around me, the way neither of us can fall asleep until we have talked to each other, the way I have never felt the way I feel about you.. You are my Teddy Bear, my Mr. Right, my Penguin, my Soldier, my Mister, my Beast, my Baby, my Handsome, my Husband, my Hubby, the one who makes me feel PERFECT, the one I can’t live without, the one I cant be away from for a minute without missing,  the one I want to marry, the one that makes my world go round, the one who sweeps me off my feet, the one I can trust with all my life, and if I didn’t have you I wouldn’t have anything because you are the only thing that I couldn’t live without<3

I love the feeling of being in love,
Especially with the butterflies you wake up with in the morning.


I don't care what they say,
Because i love you more than anythingin the world.
You say I 've changed.
And i have,
But i've learned who i can and can't trust anymore.

Does that make me a bad person?

I love it when i have conversations with my friends like this..
My friend: Why weren’t you at school today?
Me: I was sick My friend: oh you should have been at school.
Me: I would have been but you know.. i was sick..



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I have never flet the way i do around you.

Like my life didnt have a reason,

Openly discuassing everything.

Valentines day with you was my first

Everything is worth it

ou are the best thing to ever happen to me

Only you can make me feel better

Undying love<3

Summer you leave for the military



Ugly turned to beautiful

Count on me

Here forever & Always ∞

I love you more than anything in the world
Your Babygirl<3
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