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Hey im Angelina,
I'm 15, I was born on the 5th of February<3 The same day as my half sister.. crazy huh?
My life is interesting...
the only way you will understand me is if you really want to take a long time to actually try,
Then you still probably wont.. but thats just because im me..
The only thing perfect about me is my imperfection so dont judge me,
My friends get me through everything.. if it werent for them i probably wouldnt be here right now..
And i will do anything for the people i love,
No one really understands, even if they say they do. I dont even understand sometimes.. but i try to.. i need people to learn that most of them dont know anything about me. The only people that know anything about me are Kevin, Laura, Pam, and Lindsay :3

Thanks for reading<3 i like food<3
btw, you're Beautiful<3
 praying for your love<3