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HELLO! GREETINGS! That ^ my friends was Korean and I'm learning it!
My name is
Jade and I'm a 12 yr old girl and as you may
or may not already know, I LOVE
Yeah, I'm pretty excited, well I love art, I draw alot!
I'm a
Shawol, V.I.P, ELF, A+, BlackJackS♥NE, B2UTY, Aff(x)tion
Cassie, BANA, BABY, if you know what they are
congratulate you!
Well there you have it!
If you want more info just
though I might not be on much
I have heaps of assignments and they are killing me!

Annyeonghi gaseyo!
xoxo ~ Jade

Quotes by AnimexFreak


Just close your eyes,

cover your ears 

don't think about anything else and 

believe in me

That moment when you catch him staring...

...but it's not at you
I hardly know a guy in my class but I can't seem to take my eyes off him?
In my english class there is a guy that I find cute but we've hardly talked before. We are in a little bookclub at school and we've talked then but that's it. He sits directly across from me in class. That's the only class I'm in where he is. Whenever I look around the room my eyes can't help but land on him and actually very often he's looking as well but I'm not sure if he's looking at me or looking at me looking at him :/ Is there a way for me to stop staring, I can't help it, I think he has a girlfriend I'm not sure but no matter what I can't help but stare.

I will show you a completed changed me
I will show you a way prettier me
I don’t wanna cry like a fool over love, over you who left

I will meet a hotter guy and I will show you for sure
A me who is happier than you
I won’t be sad without you, I won’t break down
Boy you gotta be aware

One of the best female power songs I know

Lights, Camera, Action
I shout out to the typical system that told me to give up
The World Is Mine Not Yours
I don’t go well with being a puppet
And it goes, 1, 2, 3, action, this ain’t a movie
I’m coming out 100% raw, the true, the real me
Victim of conformity, pressed down on all fours
Stand up, fight back, the world it’s yours
I just watched the saddest freakin movie ever! It's called A Millionaire's First Love, it was so sad! I haven't cried this much in ages! I cried throughout the whole movie and ended up grabbing a box of tissues, I used 14 tissues and there's a small puddle on my bed where my tears fell. It's such a sad movie, please look it up! It's worth watching! Here's the link, credit to person who owns video, thankyou so much!!
That awkward run/skip/hop you do when you're putting your jeans on
Smart person gets hard answer right

Everyone: Wow, don't give a damn, thats cause you're smart, nerd
Teacher: Next Question, don't really care

Dumb person gets simple question right

Everyone: The whole world applauds
Teacher: May as well give you dux

Happen to anyone else?

I love it when you see your fave
artist live and they are't perfect
cause you know that it's for real
and they don't heavily rely on autotune