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Hi I'm just your average 13 year old! (: I am currently in danceand i love it so much!  This is my sixth year in it && my fourth year with Short Dance Studios && it's incredible! (:
My birthday is May 27th && I love summer!! (: I spend most of my free time on Witty, Facebook, Pinterest, and Youtube and it's so much fun! (:

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Watch this video! It's hilair! ( :
The Somerset Spartans have made it to state for another year(: Good Job boys lets finish what we started (:
& of course it's Toby. Why?!?!?!?!
legit about to cry ;(
That awkward moment when sagging your pants originated in a gay bar.
Anybody here wanna follow me on Pinterest? :D
Anna Branum
July 5th everyone put a "W" on their hand and see how many wittians are out there (:
Spread the word please
Does anybody know anybody on here that writes stories? I know a few but am looking for more (:
Am I the only one who's chat thingy isn't working?

&& Am i the only one without a Witty Best friend??
Need one ASAP please (: