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Life is too short to live with regrets, So learn to firgive&forget. K,so the name would be Anna Marie if thats obviousc; Im just your ordinary girl who is misunderstood and confused at times, but i've learned that when everyone learns to love everything, life has met it's full potential.‹3 I'm EXTREMELY socially awkward. I think I might have social anxiety. Please excuse my inability to make or carry a conversation. I really do try. I guess I'm one of those people. Anyways I'm a pretty laid back person, So if you ever need to talk I'm always herec; I love music,dancing,cuddling,and food‹3 I'm good with advice or so i've been told. I get attached easily, im wreck yet Im full of life. So get to know me, it might be the biggest mistake of your life, or the best chance you ever took, Take the risk-I dare you. c': I'll be a bi_tch to you if I have a reason too. I dont want any hate or drama so if that's what you came on my profile to do, I suggest you leave.I don't care what people think about me. Im not dwelling over that sh*t. I Luff One Direction, nough said. Thats all for now. deeeucccceeess;*

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Im jealous of your bed,  because it gets to sleep with you every night. 



 Now  Im Invisible To You? Cool, I've 
Always  Wanted A  Superpower. 


People Change, Things Go Wrong, Sh*t Happens But Life Goes On. 


Be Yourself  Everyone Else  Is  Already  Taken.

Happy Birthday Mommy

Know That I Love You With All My Heart Even
 Though I Might Not Say It Everyday.  

Thank You So Much For Your Love And SacrificeYou Are "Heaven Sent" And Is My Inspiration.  

When Will We Ever See Each Other Again? 
I Hope Soon. 

Love You Mommy. 

Can I Get 10 Likes For Her, Witty Family? <3




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 If  Guys Had Period They'd  Brag

 The  Size  

Of  Their Tampons. 


❒ Single ❒ Taken ✔ Waiting for my crush to stop playing games.

format-br0kenwings LEAVE THIS HERE PLEASE.

I Once Had A Life.....
Then  Someone  Came And Told Me To Make  Witty!

Wake Up--->Witty--->School




Without That Little Voice In You Head, 

You Wouldn't Able To Read This