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Heey everyone (: Im Anna, Im 15, Living In Australia. Im in love with Andre ♥ Ask me for my Facebook. :D
Ask me for more pics. Fave my Quotes, Follow me and Talk to me I don't bite :3


Quotes by AnnaaLookButDontTouch

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Where    Did    You    Learn    The      Art    of    Stealing Hearts <3


my Quote
Age Is Just A Number...
And Jail Is Just A Room :3



Useless Tears  


Don't cry me a sea of tears,
Your tears of pain are useless
The wind may whisper your name
But your name is long forgotten


My Quote 


I love you Andre <3

They say true love hides behind every corner.I must be walking in circles


Anna Loves Andre


That One Guy

That Gets Your Heart Racing   

My Format And Quote <3

Your Love

Is my weakness





Loving You More


Baby If you hold my hand promise me you won’t let go

Hold me tight and whisper In my ear how much you love me

Your voice is like a melody In my head It plays over and over

Here I lay wishing you were In my arms holding you ever so tightly whispering in your ear how much I Love You <3

I Love You Andre~


Confession #3

I’m scared of the dark D:


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